Karuveli, Thiruvarur District, Tamilnadu


Various deities present in Sri Sarvanga Sundari sametha Sarguneswarar Temple, Karuveli

Yama Theertham

Before you enter the main Temple, you find a Pushkarani called Yama Theertham, – it is believed that Yama bathed here before worshipping Lord Sarguneswarar. Taking a dip in it and worshipping Lord Sarguneswara will remove the fear of death, so goes the local legend.


You then enter the east facing temple where the Nandi Mandapam or Nandikeswara is located just outside the main prakara.The Vrishabha or Nandhi is the divine Vahana of Lord Shiva. He is also considered to be the first disciple of Shiva who is said to have passed all of his knowledge in Arts to the Nandhi. This Sannidhi is always placed just outside the main Sanctum of Lord shiva with the Nandhi looking towards the main deity. The entry into the main temple is through the three storied Raja gopuram leading to the main sanctum.

Sri Sarguneswarar

As in all South Indian temples here too the main Sanctum Santorum is of Lord Shiva Sri Sarguneswarar in the form of a Swayambu Linga of a modest height and simple decorations. Lord Shiva here is said to reflect the much softer side of him radiating a sense of peace, calm and an unexplained sense of happiness and relief. It is impossible not to feel the vibration while standing before him.

Devi Sarvanga Sundari Ambal

On the side facing east lies the separate Sanctum of Devi Sarvanga Sundari Ambal or Sarvanga Nayaki (Beauty Incarnate). A life size idol beautifully decorated with exquisite jewels and flowers. The face of the idol radiates a wonderful feeling of calm beauty and peace, automatically makes you feel relieved of all stress and anxieties. It is a magical feeling that cannot be explained but only felt.

Other Sannidhis

In the main Mandapam there is a separate sannidhi for Lord Nataraja.

Outside, along the well maintained prakara surrounding the Sanctum Sanctorum we can see the various Sannidhis. A well carved Vinayagar, beautiful idols of Subramaniya Swamy with his consorts Valli and Deivanai, Arthanareeswarar, Durgai, Dakshinamurthy, Nardhana Ganapathy, Dwara Vinayaka,  Bala Murugan, Brahma, Chandikeswarar and Bairavar are placed all along the prakaram, some in newly constructed Mandapams.

A marble statue of Hanuman can be seen in a separate Mandapam.

In the main Praharam, we can find the Sthala Vriksham Bilva.

Goddess Durgai with her Simha Vahanam can also be worshipped inside Ambal sannidhi.

Within the temple complex we can find the beautiful statue of Valampuri Vinayakar and various statues of Nagas under Pipal and Neem Tree.

Considered as the place where the marriage of Shiva and Parvathi was blessed by Vishnu, this place is believed to be of great power especially for those wanting to be married or to be gifted with a child.