Karuveli, Thiruvarur District, Tamilnadu

Sri Sarguneswarar

Sri Sarvangasundari sametha Sarguneswarar Temple


ஏகதின லக்ஷார்ச்சனை 09-02-20

ஸ்ரீஸர்வாங்கஸுந்தரி அம்பாள் ஸமேத ஸ்ரீஸர்குணேச்வரசுவாமி திருக்கோயில் கருவேலி. ஸ்ரீஸர்வாங்கஸுந்தரி அம்பாள் தை வெள்ளிக்கிழமை  ஏகதின லக்ஷார்ச்சனை  9 -2 - 20  அன்று...

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Welcome to Thiru Karuvili Kottitai

Sri Sarvangasundari sametha Sarguneswarar Temple is situated at Sarguneswarapuram Village, widely known as Karuveli lies on the banks of Arasalar, a branch of Cauvery River. Having a rich History of more than a thousand years, the Temple has been referred as Thirukaruvili Kottitai by Tamil Saivite Saint Thirunavukkarasar in ‘Padhigam Pathu’.

Restored back to it’s glory by renovation and reconstruction from the Great Rajendra Chola’s quondam, the Temple presents itself as an immense structure to the entering devotee.

Temple History

Known history of the Temple dates back to 300A.D. is sung by Saint poet Thirunavukkarasar

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Reach Karuveli

Located just 22 Kms from Kumbakonam, Karuveli is an easily accessible location.


Facts & Figures

  • Sri Sarvanga Sundari sametha Sarguneswarar Temple, Karuveli belongs to 300 A.D. according to known History
  • Reconstruction & rehabilitation has been done in the period of King Rajendra Chola, illustrious son of Rajaraja  Chola the Great.
  • Temple built with Chola architecture using traditional methods which still stands high
  • Sung by the great Saint Poet Thirunavukkarasar as “Go to Kottittai before Yama comes and worship Sarguneswara”
  • Special Pujas and Homams conducted by ‘Sri Sarguneswara Kainkarya Sabha’
  • Scenic small village of Karuveli with a beautiful Tank surrounds the Temple

During the year 1990 Thiru V.Krishnamurthy the former Chairman of BHEL, Maruti and SAIL and his brother Thiru V.Vaidyanathan, President, Kalki Group of Publications, natives of the village Karuveli took it upon themselves to reconstruct and renovate an ancient temple soaked in its own glorious history.

Due to their efforts the Kumbabishekam was performed in 1997. Though transformed from a completely different shape to the unique one seen presently, this temple stands proudly and tall as a majestic reminder of days gone by, but still inspiring faith and belief to those who enter its domain. Thus was the rebirth of Sri Sarvaanga Sundhari Sametha Sarguneswarar Temple – Karuveli.

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